Hello and welcome, to all you wonderful people wherever, and  whatever you may be. My name is Freddie Kearney, I am retired and currently living in the very beautiful country of Thailand. No doubt many of you (if not all) will be very seasoned ”bloggers” so this is where I have to play the ”sympathy” card, as this is my very first attempt, and probably my last, at trying my hand at it. My friends tell me it’s very easy to do, you just ”pick a subject you know about”, and ”fire” away.Well, therein lies my problem, what I know about, on any subject, could be written on the back of a postage stamp ! so please bear with me whilst I give it a whirl.

It is not my intention to bore the pants off you talking about me, but maybe, with your permission I could say a few words about my name, surname that is, K..E..A..R..N..E..Y..where does that come from ? are there many people in the world bearing that name ? are there any ”famous” or even ”infamous” people with such a name ? how many people do you personally know with this name ? according to the bit of research I have done, the name is of celtic origin and comes from Ireland, which, in my own case makes sense, as I was born and raised there. The original Irish version was in all likelyhood  C..A..R..N..E..Y.. later anglicised to K..E..A..R..N..E..Y..

I know there is a good handful of people in the USA with this name, their ancestors may well have emigrated there from Ireland, around the time of the irish potatoe famine 1845–1851.What I don’t know is how two cities in the USA, came to have this name, the city of ”Kearney” in clay county Missouri, reputedly birtplace of Jesse James. Kearney city, county seat of Buffalo county Nebraska.

Of course, there has been many USA presidents with Irish ancestry, at the least ten, but none of them with the name Kearney,but, hang on a minute, what about the present incumbent, Mr Barack Obama, should he not be spelling his surname thus,  O’Bama, as in O’Toole, O’Brien, O’Connor, etc, which would serve to illustrate his Irish ancestry, and guess what ! it all started with the name KEARNEY, according to Eneclan, and Irish origins.com researchers at Trinity college Dublin. See http://www. origins.net/obama.htm .eneclanand irish origins.com  going back to the 17th century. Apparantly , Michael Kearney, one of the individuals in the presidents Irish family tree. was a well respected, and astute politician of his time, I sincerely hope Mr President has inheirited some of his genes.

If there is anyone who reads this, and has relevant information, on the Kearney surname, please get in touch. Or any one who thinks they may be related.